January Curry Takes Career Toward New “Destination” with New Casting Company

If you have worked on set as an extra in Georgia over the past three years, you are likely to have met Casting Professional January Curry.

Curry, whose credits include blockbusters such as Creed, kicked off her casting career when she met Casting Director George Pierre while she was working on set as an extra.

At the time, Curry was spending most of her time in a corporate position while pursuing her passion for entertainment part-time. The day she met George Pierre was a major turning point as she had been searching for a way to transition into the industry full-time.

She knew meeting Pierre could be the opportunity she’d been waiting for. “I approached him and said, ‘You’re going to hire me!’ And one day he called me in,” Curry said.

Over the next three years, Curry would work as a casting assistant on projects for major networks including BET, TV One, FOX and UPtv. Eventually she would move on to the role of Extras Casting Director, working under Pierre Casting’s Extras Division known as Last Looks Casting.

However, as Georgia’s film industry expanded, so did Pierre Casting. “We started with phenomenal projects with small budgets and have moved to larger projects with larger budgets,” Curry explained. “With a larger budget, the work load is larger.”

Eventually, the workload would become so large that Curry saw an opportunity to take her experience to a whole new level. Curry offered to purchase Pierre Casting’s Extras division, Last Looks Casting, and create her own business entity with it. As Curry’s boss and mentor, Pierre worked with her to make her dream a reality.

“I’m a single mother and it made sense because I knew what I wanted for my career and for myself and what I wanted to build for my family,” Curry said. “For me, this was the most realistic first step.”

On March 6, 2017, Last Looks Casting officially became Destination Casting – an independent casting company operated by Curry and two casting assistants she’d worked with previously. For Curry, she believes it will be relationship building that sets her apart from other casting services. “I want actors to feel like Destination Casting will not only book them, but help them grow. We are people. Not just a company, not just a name, but people you can use to help you get to the next level,” Curry said.

In regards to her former employer, Curry says that Pierre will remain in her corner as she works to grow her business. “Neither company is in competition. George is my biggest supporter in branching off,” Curry said. “He was such an inspiration to me so if I can light a fire for anybody else, I’d love that.”

January Curry head shot 2
Pictured above: January Curry, Owner of Destination Casting

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