Drama Inc. Expands Classes to West Atlanta


In four short years, Drama Inc. has gained notoriety as one of the most well-known acting schools in the Atlanta market.

Owners Jason MacDonald, Catherine Dyer, Scott Poythress, and Claire Bronson have developed Drama Inc. from its original location off Hamilton Avenue in southeast Atlanta. However, over the years, the partners have received numerous requests from actors asking them to expand. “So many people live in the northern suburbs and have been asking for us to open something a little further north,” Drama Inc. Partner, Jason MacDonald, said.

Late last year, the team decided to work toward that goal and began researching options as far north as Norcross. Because of the distance from home and traffic concerns, the partners realized they would need a location that would be closer to their homes.

Big Peach Studios quickly emerged as the best option for the expansion. “There’s so much going on so it just felt like a good building to be in with lots of creativity,” MacDonald said. “It seemed like a great environment.”

Big Peach Studios, located on Forrest Street off Howell Mill Road, is currently home to a recording studio, audition taping service, photography studio, and more.

In October, once renovations were completed, Drama Inc. began offering classes in its second space. Though the Hamilton Avenue location offers taping services, Drama Inc.’s new location will only be used for classes, workshops, and casting rentals.

In addition to its local expansion, Drama Inc. has also made strides in the audition taping market in the Los Angeles area.

“We’ve worked with lots of professional kids and teens who book a lot, so word of mouth has gotten out there,” MacDonald said. “It’s great to have a presence out [in L.A.] and we’re hoping down the road to expand our services there.”

Theatres and other acting schools in the areas surrounding Atlanta have also been reaching out to Drama Inc.’s partners to teach one-day workshops in the more rural areas surrounding Atlanta. “We have current students coming from places like Athens and Birmingham,” MacDonald said of the need for more learning opportunities for Actors outside of Atlanta.

Despite the growth opportunities available to them, MacDonald says Drama Inc. will always stay close to its roots in Georgia. “We’ll always be an Atlanta-based business and we’ll always be all about this community.”

More information about Drama Inc.’s classes can be found on their website. Scroll down for a list of a few highlights you can look for in the near future.

Coming Soon to Drama Inc.

  • Script Analysis Scene Study Class with Scott Poythress and Claire Bronson – Dates TBA
  • Accent Class with Adam Fristoe – Begins March 1, 2017 (6-week Course)
  • On Camera 1 with Jason MacDonald and Catherine Dyer – April 19, 2017 – May 24, 2017 (6-week Course)


Explore the Big Peach Studios website here.

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